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Thursday, November 26, 2020

What is StrongPix?

StrongPix is a free Digital Photo Secure Storage service based on social network collaboration that enables you to store encrypted copies of your digital photos among friends and thereby eliminating the risk of losing your photos due to computer failures, theft or fire.

Our vision at StrongPix is to empower you, the digital photographer, with a world class secure storage service that keeps you in control over the storage, privacy, access and organization of your digital photos.

The Problem

Think of it. Most people today using digital cameras and camcorders produce quite a substantial amount of unique digital content.

Digital memories - a painful loss

These digital memories represent episodes of our life and, for most of us, would be painful if lost.

So over time we produce an ever growing pile of unique digital content that gets more and more complicated to manage and secure against the risk of loss.

Backup management - difficult

Even well managed with backup copies stored on local USB drives and hard drives, DVD’s or CD’s it is still a hassle. These backup copies need to be stored in a safe place since all data media are sensible to heat from fire as well as the risk of being destroyed or stolen.

So in reality these backup media must either be stored in a fire resistant safe designed specifically for digital media to withstand the extensive heat emitted from a fire or they must be stored on a separate geographical location which adds to the problem the issue of Privacy.

Cloud storage then?

One solution is to upload to a photo sharing site or use online backups (Cloud Computing / Cloud Storage) where a copy of your photos is stored on servers in a central data center somewhere. In the event you have lost your photos you may download it from the photo sharing site or online backup.

What happens if the photo sharing site or online backup provider would lose my photos? If you read their service level agreement it becomes clear that not many, if any, of the providers will give you any guarantees whatsoever.

So you are dependent to trust only one provider and location for your photos.

Add to that the issues of privacy, lock-in effect, how to access your backups and over-allocation business models (selling more capacity than can be practically delivered) due to the fact that it costs considerable money to operate a professional data center and only one of the reasons to cost is the massive amounts of energy required to power and to cool servers.

in the end you stand alone

So in the end you stand alone and the only real secure solution would be to have multiple independent secure storage locations fully managed by yourself.

The StrongPix Solution

We all share the same worries… what if we could collaborate to solve this problem?

Imagine that I could store a copy of your photos on my hard drive – and that you could store a copy of my photos on your hard drive….

In case I have lost any of my photos I could get them back by getting a copy from you and the other way around… this is great since we have now solved the problem of Loss!

In essence this is the SrongPix solution. It allows you to collaborate with any people that you feel comfortable with and secure your own as well as your friends photos.

StrongPix is secure

Imagine also that your as well as my photos are stored encrypted so that we can’t view each other’s photos even though we store physical copies of them on our hard drives…

Privacy is one of the cornerstones in the StrongPix service and strong encryption is used to enforce it.

Even though we can’t see each other’s photos we can still safe keep encrypted copies of them for each other.

When I need to restore a lost photo I would first download the encrypted copy from you and then I would decrypt it so that the original photo is restored… this is even greater since we have now solved the problem of Privacy!

StrongPix can grow

Imagine now that I cooperate and add another friend to my secure storage. That means I could also store my photos on my other friend’s hard drive… I would now have even more security since I have copies of my photos on two independent and different locations fully managed by myself.

By adding more friends there would be no point in distributing just more copies of the same photos, so instead I increase the capacity of my entire secure storage to store new and future photos.

StrongPix is automatic

Now all these great features of StrongPix would be quite some work if you and I needed to do all this manually.

Luckily, StrongPix is a fully automated service that enables you to do all this and takes care of all the work of encrypting, distributing and restoring photos for you.

StrongPix is fair

When you and I set up to collaborate we agree upon a mutual storage space to provide for each other so that the amount of hard drive space is managed. It can later be adjusted by a new mutual agreement.

StrongPix is green

StrongPix is built on peer-to-peer (p2p) technology which means that digital photos are transferred over internet and stored directly between the cooperating people and thereby eliminating the need for energy consuming and costly centralized data storage centers and servers.

StrongPix is scalable

StrongPix leverages that consumer storage technology and capacity rapidly increase over time and that the potential StrongPix service storage capacity therefore evolves naturally and at equal pace. No need to keep up with central data center storage.

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